Boiler Treatment

Products designed for the treatment of low, medium, and high-pressure boilers. Oxygen scavengers, internal treatment, condensate treatment, boiler start-up & cleanup products.

Wastewater Treatment

Complete line of wastewater treatment products:  inorganic and organic coagulants, coagulant blends, flocculants, heavy metal precipitants, bioaugmentation, grease maintenance, and odor control 

Cooling Treatment

Our cooling formulations are designed for protecting open-recirculating, closed loop, and process water systems. We have rounded out our line with pre-op and on-line cleaners, system passivators, and vapor phase layup programs 

Green Chemistry

Our Purified Tannins offer a tremendous gain over conventional boiler treatment and are used in: Pulp and Paper, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Dairies, Rendering, Breweries, Agri-Food, Hospitals, Institutional, Rubber, Cogeneration and Pharmaceutical are all successful users.

Pre Treatment

We have the experience and suppliers to match the right pre-treatment to your system, from softeners, dealkalizers, reverse osmosis, and filtration.

E-Service Cloud Reporting

A cloud-based design,  to save both wet test and controller data, generate graphs, upload documents and do much more within a single location online.